Anna Ławska - JEWELLERY

The timelessness of Anna Ławska's jewellery has many meanings. It means return to the traditional techniques of goldsmithery which have been refined over the years. It means respect for craftsmanship and manual work done carefully, in focus, allowing to get closer to the object, to reflect its rareness. It is also the uniqueness of noble materials which allow the objects to last for many years. Anna Ławska is particularly interested in the multi-generational nature of the product, how its meaning evolves over time and how it can be individually presented when it reaches different people. She encourages you to present yourself and your loved ones with precious jewellery, keep it and pass it on from generation to generation. Finally, she argues that the imperfection resulting from the individuality of hand-made works is its strength and the greatest value. 

The author's collections move in time and refer to no longer existing patterns from the past, and bring subtlety and strength out of contemporary trends. The jewellery is universal because it accompanies the most important and everyday moments in life, emphasizing them and making them even more remarkable.  

Anna Ławska realizes only her own projects, making all products by hand. She works on noble materials: gold (two samples: 333, 585) and silver. She uses diamonds with a diamond expert certificate, and semi-precious stones.